DaPanda - Powerful multipurpose bot

The perfect bot to level up your Discord server!

Advanced Music Module

It has been a long time coming but DaPanda has joined the music game providing high quality music from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Discord attachments.

User-Friendly Moderation

DaPanda comes with a simple but efficient moderation system Yes, the current system is pretty bare bones, but its perfect for many Discord servers!

Easy to use utility

The commands are dedicated to make your life in Discord easier and simpler.

No payments required

DaPanda is free to use and will remain like that until it last days. You can still donate to support it, but this will never become a requirement!

Real time statistics





Frequently Asked Questions

You can click here or use https://www.dapanda.xyz/invite to invite DaPanda to your server.

DaPanda has many functions, some of them being moderation and games. You can guarantee that

While we are trying to maintain almost 100% uptime, there are sometimes where we must restart the bot to apply major update/bug fixes.